Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Live...Simply Live

September 23, 2014  http://tmblr.co/Z4JBOn1RUanNj

I admire people who take that less is more approach to life.  I feel like I am constantly over-involved, over-thinking, over...well you get the idea.

Over the past few months a friend has been purging her home and really focusing on minimizing her "stuff".  Can you imagine how liberating that might be?!  She does indeed look happier for the effort.  My cousin took the approach this last year of requesting that his friends not give him the standard gift fare, but rather gifts of their thoughts and experiences with him - written and drawn for him to cherish.  Such a personal approach and a great thing to look back on later in life.
Not everyone wants to get rid of their worldly possessions and shun every bauble, but the idea of simplifying your life is generally very appealing, no?  Today, I've been looking at a shop called Huewood on Etsy.  It's a simple idea, really but with beautiful effect.   


Miran hand paints wood cubes and squares in simple and vibrant colors with unique black accents.  


If I didn't see the brush marks, I would swear they were machine printed.  


Very polished and professional!

I am suddenly imagining playing a game of name that shadow.  Do you ever do that?  Something or someone casts a shadow and you try to guess what it looks like.  You could play that with Miran's pieces...a tree, a lake, an ocean, a sunset, a city, a shoe lace...wherever your imagination goes.

Whether you decide to purge your worldly possessions, recall a memory with a friend, or simply play a shadow game, I hope you interact with life today in a way that makes you glad to have lived another day.  

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