Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brooches are Awesome!

September 22, 2014 http://bit.ly/1vtodwX

Are brooches just for little old ladies?  No way!  Maybe I am reaching "that age", but I am starting to find them appealing...and even considering making some myself.  I have been recently inspired by some different textures.  These are not the crazy sparkly metal ones you see in department stores, but softer and cozier feeling.


I even found one that might go with that necklace in Katie Joy's shop to build on my Halloween costume cheat for work:


These lovelies can all be found at a wonderful shop called Quinny's Crochet on Etsy.  Now, she's got plenty more than brooches, so go take a look.  Especially you folks who live in the cooler places.  It's all the stuff I would think to pile on when I visit...or it gets colder than 60 degrees here.(Yes, I am a weather wimp!)  Seriously great scarves, headbands, neckwarmers, etc...

On the topic of brooches, I found another shop who makes some terrific ones of a different sort.  Since the Paisley Lizard is more about fun jewelry, she offers some wonderful clay brooches, like these:

image  image
image  image

Can you imagine the time and patience it would take to carve and paint these pieces?  I just love 'em.  Hey, that last flower might also look good as an addition to a black suit for, you know, Halloween spirit.  Ahem.

Anywhoo, leaving you with the thought that brooches can be fun whether you are young or old or somewhere in between, like me.

Cheers to a happy Monday!

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