Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Donuts and Eggs

September 24, 2014

Long, busy day yesterday!  It started out with prepping for teaching a 5th grade art class at 5 am and ended with buying donuts with my daughter around 11 pm...because doesn't everyone buy donuts for a late night snack?  Come-on now!  There was a lot of other stuff in between, but it doesn't really matter what.  Just that I was pretty punchy by the end of the day.

I've been trying to eat more healthy foods lately and the donuts just grossed me out.  Especially because it was late, I was tired/punchy, and the box was labeled "glazed yeast rings" instead of just raised or glazed donuts.  How does that sound appealing?  It sounds a little like you'e eating an infection.  

(In a nod to #coolness graphed...

I'd much rather have eggs (or farina with tons of cinnamon and dried cranberries) for breakfast.  This got me thinking about a shop I saw recently on Etsy called Sammy's Jewels.  Out of all of the things on for sale here, I am drawn to the egg clips most.  They are really cute.  (Maybe this year's costume could be a few of these in my hair as a play on getting "egg-ed"?  LOL - like a bad comedian.)


So as we were headed home from the store, I started talking with my daughter about these clips and all of the other creepy cute stuff in the shop.  She is a definite fan, as are many others - 3890 admirers, wow!

She picked out a few of her favorites this morning:


...and those were just the ones from the first page of the shop!  So join the crowd and check out Sammy's Jewels.  They're reasonably priced, super cute, and handmade by a college kid with plenty of imagination.  

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